Building Your Communication Plan

Basic Communication Plan Components
What do you want to communicate? List the top 3 things you want members of your organization to know about the recognition program. Add more key messages if necessary.



Who do you want to communicate with? List all of the departments, employee groups, or individuals of the organization for which the program is designed.


What communication tools will you use?

  • List all electronic tools
  • List all advertising tools such as newsletters, posters, etc.
  • List other ways to get the message out

What other resources are available to promote the program?

  • List all of the individuals that can advocate for the program

Communication Plan Matrix
Use the matrix below to develop a communication plan for each step in your recognition planning process:

Communication Plan Matrix






Employee Satisfaction Survey






Identify Weaknesses in Organization-Wide Recognition






Create a Recognition Strategy to Address Each Weakness






Present Strategy to Decision Makers






Obtain Approval to Launch Organization-Wide Recognition Plan






And so-on…






Click  here to Download Your Communication Plan Template
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Hidden Benefits to a Communication Plan
Establishing a consistent internal communication plan for your recognition program will help your organization in a variety of ways. Most importantly, internal communications will help ensure that every employee lives the brand, mission, and purpose of the organization. Internal communications also helps the organization with:

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Re-training
  • Reinforcing Company Values

Once you have identified your key audience, program messaging, and communication plan, you can grow awareness by establishing a unique brand for your recognition program.

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