Recognition Program Change and Flexibility

Change Drivers
Recognition programs evolve and change for a variety of reasons. For example, the data that you’ve gathered throughout the life of the recognition program will guide improvements for the future. Here are some reasons why recognition programs change:

  • Program Improvement
  • Changes in Leadership
  • Organizational Changes (merger, acquisition, etc.)
  • Budget Changes
  • Organization Policies
  • Changes in Participation
  • Changes in Strategic Objectives

Change Tools
Build your program to withstand and encourage purposeful change. Establish tools that will help you facilitate these changes effectively. Consider utilizing the following tools:

  • Surveys
  • Measurements
  • Recognition Platforms
  • Anecdotal Feedback

In addition, integrating new technology will make your nomination process easier and faster for your employees to participate. Alternatively, consider staggering committee membership to keep consistency while integrating new members. Plan your recognition program to be flexible and welcome purposeful change!

Use the matrix below to get started:





Change Driver
(Strategic management, feedback, diverse needs, lack of involvement)




Change Tool
{Staggered team membership, benchmarking, surveys)








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